Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GUA NIAH (Niah Cave) trip 尼亚石洞之旅

In Sarawak, two most famous caves are GUA NIAH (Niah Cave National Park) and GUA MULU (Mulu Cave National Park). Both are closer to Miri area. From Miri town area to Gua Niah only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours by the road along the seaside. If you wish to go to Gua Mulu, take flight or boat is a must to reach there. I never been to Gua Mulu before, cannot describe more here. Hope that I will have a chance to go there before I leave Miri one day.

Since staying in Miri, I have visited Gua Niah twice..
1st time, my Canon camera suddenly malfunction when husband n me reached the 1st cave.. its screen suddenly blank out, no matter what you have captured were displayed as black image.. that time my mood was really bad!! totally spoilt because of the camera.. luckily, I have another chance to go there when my mum came over Miri during end of March. :)

Thanks hubby for willing accompany me and mum to go there again because that was his third time to Gua Niah.. sure he felt pretty bored.. lol..

Gua Niah
Forty thousand years ago, the Niah Great Cave sheltered human life; they left behind Paleolithic artifacts and Neolithic paintings in an ancient burial site. Here lies the oldest human remains in Southeast Asia, along with many other relics of prehistoric man. Today the Cave is home only to bats, swiftlets and other specially adapted forms of life. However, a few locals still venture into the dark interior to collect guano (bird and bat droppings used as fertilizer) and bird's nest.

The famous Painted Cave is another highlight of the visit to Niah Cave. Here, little human-like figures drawn in red haematite watch over a gravesite where the bodies of the dead were each laid in its own boat-shaped coffin. The Great Cave and Painted Cave have been declared as National Historical Monuments.

The Caves are accessible via a raised plankwalk that winds through lowland forest vibrant with birds and butterflies. Apart from the Caves, visitors can explore several kilometres of forest trails to feel the richness of tropical rainforests, climb a 400m tall limestone ridge or visit an Iban longhouse located near the Park boundary. Visitors can also rent a boat or walk along the river from Park headquarters to Batu Niah town.

These are information I found from one website, for more information regarding Niah Cave, pls do visit to the following link:

If you drive along Jalan Sungai Saeh (seaside road) from Miri to Niah Cave, you will see this sign board on your left hand side. Do turn into the junction towards Batu Niah Bazaar.

After driving a certain distance, you can see a sign board standing at the entrance of junction. There is a office contact number of Niah Caves. Turn into this junction and then follow the sign borad direction into Jalan Gunung Subis. The office and entrance is located at the end of road.
The map of Niah cave. You can see a lot of destination and plan your schedule. Estimated time needed to reach Painted cave (furthest of all caves here) is about 4 - 5 hours on normal walking speed. Hence, the ideal time of the day to come here if you intend to make it all the way into painted cave and back in time before the sky start to turn dark would be in the morning latest at 10am.

This is the entrance of Niah National Park. For Malaysian, you have to pay RM10 per entry. Don't forget to bring your own torch light or head light.. the Cave is dark inside. If you happened to forget, you can also rent the torch light at the counter located at mouth cave before across the gate, each of it charge RM5. And pls do bring your own drinking water, Malaysia is a hot country and you have to walk at least 5.5km to the cave. (not to the painting cave)

Each person has to pay RM1 (one way - means you have to pay total RM2 for two ways) to cross a short distance of river. You can choose to swim over, if you dare to do so.. ^o^

Dunno what my cute cute mama looking.. Across the bridge is a small muzium, I never been there because I owaz have no sufficient time to visit there... :P

Mama and me were walking towards the plankwalk. I was carrying tripod while mama is carrying drinks.

Yes, you can walk by following the plankwalk towards the cave. It is actually an easy trip but be caution, walk slowly if there is a raining day because the plankwalk will become very slippery.

You can see different fauna and flora two sides along the plankwalk.

Wow, look at the size of that tree!

How small we look standing beside the giant tree... Must look like an ant from the giant tree's view from the top.

Look at the creature also walking towards the cave... but on the wooden hand rail.

To our surprise, this creature did not looked to be frightened at all when we approached it slowly. It stood still and almost looked like striking a pose when we point the camera at it.
Another pose... smile...

We are about to reach the first cave now. The shape of the rocks above our heads looks like an artistic sculpture.

Now we are at the enterance of the first cave which is known as Traders cave. It was said that this was a trading spot for the native people living in the area.

Mama examining the wooden structure built ages ago. Every joint is still very firm.

The land of the cave was too dry and crack..

Mama and husband were studying the map and reading the history background of the cave.

Cave look.

Another look of the land.

There are a lot of fern leaves grow inside the cave.

Ceiling of the cave.

Another look inside the cave.

One of the wall of the cave.
Another ceiling look of the cave.

Overall look of the cave.


Looked down the cave from stair. We were moving to another cave now.
The distance from 1st cave to this house cave is quite near, walk through a good condition plankwalk.

This is the House. You can take a rest here, to refill water or to 'release' water from your body.. :)

That is the long staircase towards different caves. The last destination will be painted cave.

Half way along the journey towards the Painted Cave. I have been to painted cave when I was 1st time there. Mama seems tired at this point, so me and hubby decided to return back so that mama not to be too tired.
We can see a beam of light shining through a big hole in the ceiling of the cave.

We did not walked until Painted Cave due to the time constraint and my mum condition, therefore we decided to return back. Anyway, I have seen that in my 1st trip, just did not captured any photos.
On the way back to the House. There is a rest station.
Another view of the House from the staircase.


  1. Hello miss Lim, i like your pictures on Gua Niah trip. may i use your pictures into my blog and fb?

    1. Hi Rina, 1st apologies for very late reply... I have been long time never active in blog.. 2nd, thanks for enjoying the photos.. Erm.. You may use the photos (those without person) for personal usage but not business purposes... Thank you :)

  2. Went there in November .. it so beautiful.. wish to go again and do other all other activity there :D

    1. Yes, it is sooo beautiful... I went there rice when I were in Miri... You should go to Gua Mulu as well, I was oso regretted not going there... I read your posts, your hoots are great!!